Welcome to Children's SPOT 4 Therapy

We at Children's SPOT 4 Therapy, LLC,  believe outpatient therapy is only a piece of a greater puzzle facilitating progress and independence for your child. Parent involvement, observations and follow-through of home programming are highly encouraged to help ensure your child's progress at home, school and in the community.  We are a Pediatric Therapy clinic that offers Speech and Occupational Therapies. We look forward to partnering with you to service your child.



Kristin Golden, MA CCC-SLP

Jessica Clickener, OTR


Julie M.

My son as been with Jessica and Sue Ann for several years. Liam has grown leaps and bounds with their support. I always appreciate the love and firmness they express when working with him and I especially appreciate their constant communication with me in how I can assist his growth. I highly recommend this establishment.

Magda C.

Kris is an AMAZING speech therapist! My son has been with her for over a year now and has done leaps and jumps when it comes to his speech. Kris truly understands him, how to handle him, and how to help him grow!