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Would my child benefit from therapy at the Children’s SPOT 4 Therapy?

If you suspect your child has a speech or language concern, gross or fine motor problem, visual motor problem, feeding problem, a self-care deficit, or difficulty processing auditory or sensory information a speech/language or occupational therapy evaluation may be warranted. If you have any questions, an experienced therapist can discuss your concerns and assist with deciding whether an assessment would be appropriate.

What is the process by which my child will receive services?

The first step is to get a referral from your child’s doctor. Once received we will then call to schedule an evaluation. You will then complete an intake packet providing basic information on your child and health insurance information. A therapist will complete an initial evaluation. The evaluation takes approximately 1 hour. Once completed, an assessment report will be compiled with recommendations provided to you and sent to your child's physician. Once authorization is received, therapy will be scheduled. Children will receive regular, weekly  appointment times, generally one or two times per week.

Does my child’s doctor play a role?

An order from your child's pediatrician is required for both assessment and treatment. We can assist with orders for treatment; however, you need to visit your doctor to get a referral for an initial evaluation.  

What insurance do you take?

Please refer to our insurance tab.

Does insurance cover these services?

Many insurance plans cover speech, occupational, and physical therapy services. Coverage is dependent on the individual insurance plan, which needs to be checked carefully. Some plans require prior authorization before services can be rendered. Others have restrictions on the number of visits per year that are allowed. Still others require referrals from the primary clinic your child attends. It is necessary for parents to be aware of these benefits.

Is there a waiting list?

We currently have NO waiting list.

How long will my child be in therapy?

The length of time that a child spends in occupational or speech therapy is dependent on his or her individual needs. Length of time therapy will be necessary is dependent on follow-through at home. A strong home component is critical to the success of therapy.

What do I need to do as a parent or caregiver to make sure my child gets the most from his or her therapy?

Parents and caregivers are critical for success in the therapeutic progress. As part of your child's treatment, you will receive a home program. Since your child is only in therapy one to three hours per week, carrying over suggestions at home is critical for progress to occur. The course of treatment is also decreased by consistent follow-through at home and across other environments that your child may be involved in.

How is therapy at Children’s SPOT 4 Therapy different than therapy offered at school?

School therapy qualification is based on your child's educational needs. Occupational therapy is considered a related service, meaning that it must be related to a primary service such as an academic service (i.e. learning disability or a speech/language service or physical disabilities, etc.). It cannot be the only service that your child is receiving. Occupational therapy services also vary greatly from district to district and they often are most focused on fine motor issues. Due to time constraints in the schools, sessions tend to be much shorter in your child's school-based programs. Therapists may not be able to provide the intensity and the frequency that is needed.

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