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Occupational Therapy


Through play we will evaluate and treat for delayed:


*Fine Motor Skills

*Visual motor skills - how your child uses their eyes and hands

*Visual perceptual - how your child uses their eyes

*Motor Coordination - how your child uses their hands

*Activities of daily living - dressing, feeding, grooming, toileting

*Instrumental Activities of Daily Living - kitchen management, money management, cleaning, transportation and safety

*Sensory processing skills - regulation of themselves, modulation, tactile, auditory, vestibular, proprioception, vision, gustatory and olfactory input

*Social and play skills

*Strength - core and upper extremity

*Bilateral coordination - how they use both sides of their body together


*Executive function - attention to task, organization, planning, prioritizing, decreasing impulsivity and regulating emotions

*Motor planning

*Behavior management

*Environmental modification

*Body awareness 


Speech Therapy

Pediatric speech pathologists assess for and treat delays in:


*Speech production 

*Auditory processing 



*Phonological Awareness

*Social skills





related to:

*Suspected or known developmental delays

*Congenital conditions affecting expected development 

*Loss of skill due to surgery, incident, or deterioration of a condition

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