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Clients and families may expect that we will:
   *work hard to provide the best treatment for you and your child.
     * have your child's best interest in mind.
     *problem solve with families.
     *design and tailor home programs for you and your child.
     *request you follow frequency and activities given through home programs.
     *collaborate, with your permission, with colleagues and other professionals regarding your child.
     *continually collect data and report your child's progress to you, your child's doctor and the appropriate insurance agency.
     * strive to return emails and phone calls as quickly as we are able.
We expect that parents/guardians will:
   *have their child's best interest in mind.
     * realize that without the whole team (child, parent and therapist) there will be little to no progress.
     *find and see the positives of what their child does and accomplishes.
     *be ready to start the therapy process by making time to attend therapy sessions consistently.
     *make the strategies, ideas and suggestions a priority and follow through with them.
     *communicate with us often and directly regarding home programming as well as if you need clarification, reteaching or if the home      
       program is feasible for your family.
     *understand at some point, therapy will no longer be needed or warranted.
     * be in the waiting room 10 minutes before the end of your child's session.
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